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The Law Office of Melanie Ryan

was founded in 2015 by Melanie Ryan following her long career in the financial business in such roles as Operations Manager, Compliance Director and Counsel. Melanie brings twenty+ years experience working for U.S. broker dealers and investment advisors owned by international banks and interfacing with various regulatory bodies on behalf of her employers to The Law Office.

The Law Office seeks to capitalize on Ms. Ryan's financial markets and products knowledge to deliver quality, affordable legal services to other attorneys, small businesses and small to mid-sized broker dealers. Melanie offers such services as business formation, expert witnessing, outside legal opinions, regulatory consultancy and enforcement of debt judgements.

Melanie is a believer in "giving back" and "paying forward." Accordingly, she has assisted several 501(c) 3 charities with corporate formalities in the past. The Law Office accepts applications for and provides pro-bono legal services to certain charities.

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The Law Office is a LLC registered in New Jersey and Melanie is admitted to the New Jersey Bar and is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association.
Pro Bono and Charity Work

Wills and Estates

Often people feel that because they want their spouse or children to take all their all assets upon their death, they don't need a will.  This can often lead to probate costs, tax liabilities and family disputes. 


Wills and Estates

Often people feel that because they want their spouse or children to take all their all assets upon their death, they don't need a will.  This can often lead to probate costs, tax liabilities and family disputes. 

Family Law

Family Law & Child Support Enforcement

Divorce and the ongoing co-parenting of children is obviously emotionally charged for the parties involved.


Family Law & Child Support Enforcement

Divorce and the ongoing co-parenting of children is obviously emotionally charged for the parties involved. Many custodial parents find themselves bullied by the non-custodial payment who may arbitrarily reduce or withhold child support as a means to manipulate the custodial parent and the children. Sometimes even in an amicable divorce situtation, circumstances change that require child support to be revisited. Whatever the reason, there are two important things to remember when talking about child support:  1) it is YOUR CHILD'S money and your child is relying on you as a parent to claim that money for them and 2) no one should be threatened with having their kids taken away or withheld from them because of financial reasons. Child support and parenting are two different things.

Melanie has experience with family law and child support enforcement in most northern NJ counties, including Hudson, Essex and Bergen. If you have a dead beat parent or if you are a non-custodial parent being threatened with having visitation withheld, Melanie may be able to help you file a motion to have your rights formalized in a new or revised court order.   

Melanie is able to help custodial and non-custodial parents file motions to enforce their rights with respect to their children.

Securities Compliance Consulting

Securities Compliance Consulting

The Law Office can assist small to mid sized broker dealers with regulatory examinations and filings, written supervisory procedures, continuing education, and expert testimony.


Securities Compliance Consulting

Before opening The Law Office, Melanie worked for twenty years for various international investment banks, investment advisors and broker dealers as a senior compliance official.  Her areas of expertise include private placements, institutional trading, cross border primary markets and all facets of sales practice.  

Melanie served on FINRA’s Series 14 Committee, which writes the Compliance Official Examination, from 1996 until 2014 and served on FINRA’s Series 7 Committee, which writes the Registered Representative Examination, from 2005 until 2014.  

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Now, through The Law Office, Melanie offers compliance support to small and mid-size broker dealers on a consultancy basis in the following areas:

Exam Coordination

Melanie has over 20 years’ experience handling examinations by the SEC, FINRA, the New York Stock Exchange, the National Futures Association, the Chicago Board of Trade and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Regulatory examinations can be overwhelming for small broker dealers and branch offices with limited staff and officers “wearing many hats.” Melanie offers hands-on, on-site regulatory examination and follow-up support and is available to interface between regulators and firm staff to optimize examination results.

Written Supervisory Procedures

Melanie is available to review existing procedures and adapt them to your firm’s business as rules and laws change and to draft new procedures as your firm expands into new business lines or addresses new regulatory requirements.

Firm Element Continuing Education

FINRA requires that all registered representatives participate in a continuing education program provided in-house by the Firm. Melanie is able to create, administer and deliver a Firm Element program tailored to your firm’s specific business lines and particular compliance issues. The firm-element can take the form of a computer based program or an on-site seminar with representatives.

Outside Opinions & Expert Witness Testimony

The Law Office is available to provide written legal opinions and provide expert witness testimony on a myriad of topics within the financial industry including institutional trading disputes, AML, suitability, primary markets, cross-border issues and adequacy of written supervisory procedures

Rule 1017 Applications

FINRA Rule 1017 requires that the regulator be notified of changes in ownership and/or business lines in advance of effecting any changes to ensure the firm’s membership agreement with FINRA encompasses the full landscape of the firm. Melanie has submitted and coordinated over twenty Rule 1017 applications to FINRA over the years, running the gamut from mergers and sales of broker dealers to new product development and implementation. The Law Office is available to assist your firm in filing 1017 notifications and application.


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Business Formation & Corporate Formalities

Business Formation & Corporate Formalities

The Law Office offers business formation and dissolution services, as well as ongoing corporate formalities, to small and mid sized corporations, LLC's and partnerships.


Business Formation & Corporate Formalities

Melanie has over fifteen years of experience with the formation, maintenance and dissolution of corporations and LLC’s in numerous states, including New York, Delaware, and New Jersey.  As in-house compliance and legal for international investment banks and broker dealers, Melanie has created business entities such as bank rep offices, special purpose vehicles, broker dealer branch offices, and small and mid-sized private equity firms.   As an independent consultant, Melanie has formed and carried out ongoing corporate formalities for 501(c)3 non-profit corporations, hedge funds and small businesses in the construction sector.

The Law Office offers business formation/dissolution services and ongoing corporate formalities such as agent for service of process, preparation of board meeting materials and resolutions, and maintenance of business records.  These services are personalized to maximize compliance with state and local laws, taking into consideration business objectives, tax status and owner/member liability.

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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

As a securities and financial markets expert, Melanie can add value by providing timely, accurate and persuasive testimony in the form of written opinions, depositions and/or court appearances.


Expert Witness Services

With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and extensive knowledge of financial markets and products, Melanie Ryan meets the element set forth in Federal Rule of Evidence 702 requiring that expert witnesses be “qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education.”   Download Full CV-Resume.docx

As a securities and financial markets expert, Melanie can add value by providing timely, accurate and persuasive testimony in the form of written opinions, depositions and/or court appearances in many ways including:

  • industry arbitrations
  • suitability of investment products vis a vis client profiles
  • broker to broker trading disputes
  • family court financial mediation and equitable distribution
  • settlement of estates
  • ERISA matters
  • SEC Rule 10b-5 regarding fraudulent and manipulative practices
  • structured settlements

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Melanie Ryan is available to draft, review and enforce many types of contracts for individuals, financial firms and small businesses.



Melanie has eight years experience drafting and negotiating contracts as in-house counsel. Now, through The Law Office, Melanie is available to review, draft, negotiate and enforce many types of contracts for individuals and small businesses, as well as financial firms, including:

Financial Firms

  • Introducing Brokerage Agreements
  • Employment
  • Custody and Transfer Agency
  • FINRA Membership Agreements
  • Securities Lending and Re-Hypothecation Agreements


  • Employment
  • Personal and Intra-family Loans
  • Service, Construction and Tradesmen Contracts
  • Vendors & Licensing
  • LLC Agreements
  • Independent Consultant/Contractor
  • Wills/Estates/Trusts and Probate

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Debt Collections & Enforcement

Debt Collections & Enforcement

The Law Office offers collection and enforcement services to creditors and is available to negotiate debt resolution on the part of debtors.


Debt Collections & Enforcement

Delivering goods and/or performing a service for clients and not receiving timely payment can be devastating to a small business or a professional partnership.  Through The Law Office, Melanie can assist New Jersey contractors, tradesmen, and professionals in recovering debts owed to their businesses by making legal claims, securing judgements and liens, and enforcing court orders.

On the other side of the coin, Melanie is available to assist financially distressed individuals and businesses by negotiating with creditors on their behalf to settle debt claims.

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Pro Bono and Charity Work

Pro Bono and Charity Work

Melanie has extensive experience with the formation and operation of 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.


Pro Bono and Charity Work

Melanie is long time believer in “giving back” and “paying forward.”  Through volunteer work or personal donation of time and funds, Melanie has formed, assisted in the formation, advised and/or served on the Board of several 501(c)3 qualified non-profit organizations including:

  • a private school for disabled children in New Jersey;
  • the Parent Teacher Association of a New York public school;
  • a memorial fund promoting organ donation and assisting transplant patients’ families;
  • a fund promoting youth athletics; and
  • two animal rescue endeavors.

Through the Law Office, Melanie now offers deeply discounted or, in some cases, pro bono legal advice and services to new and established 501(c)3 qualified non-profit organizations including:

  • state formation and registration issues;
  • IRS Form 1023 application for exempt status;
  • ongoing IRS reporting requirements;
  • guidance on sources and uses of funds;
  • and advice on fundraising matters.

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What others have to say about Melanie

I was having a problem with my cell phone provider and Melanie Ryan was willing to review my case. She made a phone call and wrote a letter on my behalf. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and gets the job done in a timely fashion. I definitely will refer her to anyone I know. I am satisfied with her services!

— Debbie

"I was having trouble with a deadbeat Dad and finding my way through the Hudson County Court system to enforce my child support.  Melanie represented me in court and I was successful in collecting arrears and current child support through probation.  I would highly recommend her if you need to enforce a child support order."

— A.Z., Kearny, New Jersey
"Melanie Ryan handled the IRS application and registration of my 501c3 non-profit.  Her services saved valuable time and money in getting the Smiles for Terri Memorial Fund up and running just in time for our first fundraiser. "
— Smiles for Terri Memorial Fund

Melanie helped me obtain funds from an account in Germany that was set up by godfather.  She did this for me as a friend and relative, but I have no doubt Mel would help out anyone with a similar situation. 

— C.P.W.

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