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Family Law & Child Support Enforcement

Divorce and the ongoing co-parenting of children is obviously emotionally charged for the parties involved. Many custodial parents find themselves bullied by the non-custodial payment who may arbitrarily reduce or withhold child support as a means to manipulate the custodial parent and the children. Sometimes even in an amicable divorce situtation, circumstances change that require child support to be revisited. Whatever the reason, there are two important things to remember when talking about child support:  1) it is YOUR CHILD'S money and your child is relying on you as a parent to claim that money for them and 2) no one should be threatened with having their kids taken away or withheld from them because of financial reasons. Child support and parenting are two different things.

Melanie has experience with family law and child support enforcement in most northern NJ counties, including Hudson, Essex and Bergen. If you have a dead beat parent or if you are a non-custodial parent being threatened with having visitation withheld, Melanie may be able to help you file a motion to have your rights formalized in a new or revised court order.   

Melanie is able to help custodial and non-custodial parents file motions to enforce their rights with respect to their children.

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